Date: Thursday 27 June 2019
08:00Emma YuleAshes GENERAL LAWN, V6, Grave 0070
10:30David Robert MazzoloChapel Camellia Chapel
11:00Ruth BrunsdonChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:15Alexander Hamish StewartChapel Rose Chapel
11:30Jurgen KarstenChapel Camellia Chapel
12:00Christopher PlummerChapel Magnolia Chapel
12:00John RussoBurial CATHOLIC MONUMENTAL, FF10, Grave 0057
12:30Ivan PetkovichBurial STATIONS OF THE CROSS, ROW 3, Grave 0042
13:00Joshua DavisChapel Magnolia Chapel
13:00Bartolomeo RandazzoBurial VAULT - OLD AREA, OLD VAULTS, Vault 063-65
Date: Friday 28 June 2019
09:30Kathleen RobertsChapel Camellia Chapel
10:00Shiyin GaoAshes ASCENSION PATHWAY, ROW A, Pos 023
11:00Baby Bella LiuAshes BABY LAWN, 2, Grave 0229
12:00Yuk Fai TaiAshes GARDEN OF SERENITY, Garden of Serenity - ROW C, Double Position 007
12:00Margaret RyanChapel Magnolia Chapel
12:00John MoissidisBurial LUTHERAN MONUMENTAL, J2, Grave 0033
13:00Margaret RyanBurial GENERAL LAWN, EUGR, Grave 096
13:30Kenneth RobinsChapel Camellia Chapel
14:00Archlous GellatelyAshes ROSE GARDEN, A, Pos 016A
14:00Yvonne GerstelChapel Magnolia Chapel
14:30Lai Ying LeungChapel Camellia Chapel
15:30Lai Ying LeungBurial TRADITIONAL, O27, Grave 0036
Date: Saturday 29 June 2019
10:00Liang KhooAshes MACQUARIE VISTA, SECTION C, Grave 0385
11:15Duong ThuongChapel Palm Chapel
13:15Sister Anne Maree DerwinBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, P3 NUNS, Grave 0236
14:00Duong ThuongBurial MACQUARIE VISTA, SAKURA GARDENS ROW 19, Grave 012
Date: Sunday 30 June 2019
11:00Mansour MansouriChapel Magnolia Chapel
Date: Monday 01 July 2019
10:00Suit LauChapel Magnolia Chapel
10:30Maria MarinucciChapel Camellia Chapel
11:00Alice KnightChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:15Phyllis SuhlChapel Rose Chapel
12:30Joanne KennyChapel Camellia Chapel
12:30Patricia FlemingBurial GENERAL LAWN, GLM, Grave 0169
Date: Tuesday 02 July 2019
11:00Shirley ByrneChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:30Kathleen Mary McCarthyBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 13, Grave 0935
12:00Marjorie NevilleAshes CATHOLIC MONUMENTAL, C1, Grave 0076
12:30Barbara CluneBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 13, Grave 0485
14:00Patricia HartmanAshes RED GUM GENERAL NICHE WALL, C4, Pos 0108
14:00Valentina HudakChapel Magnolia Chapel
Date: Wednesday 03 July 2019
11:00Colin BraathenChapel Lotus Pavilion Chapel
13:00Alan WhiteChapel Magnolia Chapel
Date: Thursday 04 July 2019
10:00Choi Chun LeeChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:30Choi Chun LeeBurial GENERAL LAWN, GJH, Grave 028A
13:15Sheila AldertonChapel Palm Chapel